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Can good personality trait help to be an influencer and self motivator?

The truth is a beautiful and terrible thing. But it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live. 2001. J K Rowling is releasing her Harry Potter series in Hollywood, becoming the world renowned author, influencer, and opening the era of illusions. How amazing is to live in the imagined nice world with its movies, TV, personal gadgets, social media, games, battles between good and evil, magicians, myths, fairy tales, articles as enchanting media advertising, emotional touchy-feely video campaigns, and touristic attractions, which is starting to capture more and more of people’s attention and life. Considering that J K Rowling became the richest author, Harry Potter became the fastest-selling book ever, while Harry Potter series became the third highest-grossing franchise ever, this idea proved to be a tremendous success, and businesses worldwide began to multiply such family-oriented sweet fairy-tale model any number of times, pulling people further and further into the unreal, diverting them from being self motivators. Both the young and adult couldn’t reject good personality trait, agreeableness, delight, which is so easy to reach and consume.

Success of such a conventional model is foreseeable. And since businesses like to invest into predictable precalculated things with guaranteed return, projects globally started to be more and more decorative, more and more full of wishful thinking, but more and more simple, and more and more standard, in one word 'mass', to be turned into respectful and received brands. No need to look farther ahead, one of the first who’s suffered from 'mass' concept became J K Rowling herself, who even had to refuse a prestigious award because it’s appeared that she cannot stand up to the position wrong for her, cannot show herself as an independent author and self motivator, cannot give her own opinion and view, but only has a right to express opinions generally accepted, trendy, 'conventional', not risky for business and public, especially if one has to be an influencer. She had no right for art by quality ideas or originality or social impact as she saw them, but only had a right for art estimated by the amount of money it brings. She was a great example of exceptional good personality trait and charity activities, but it meant nothing for those who wanted to be popular supporting fashionable ideas and common trends, another illusions.

Is it possible for you to be an influencer or self motivator using good personality trait?

So it seems showing good personality trait is not enough if one wants to be an influencer, one has to be convenient for minds, as people nowadays want to hear what they expect and like to hear, want to be satisfied and delighted consumers. But this is quite a controversial task if you need or want or required to be a self motivator having nobody who would support you. In this case it’s a choice between satisfaction of people’s desires by your expression and yourself as you are, with your human nature, with your natural good personality trait, with how your body works. And ultimate choice is quite obvious, since one hardly can make one’s own body work unnaturally or pretend concealing oneself for a long time. This is almost impossible if one really has to perform from the sources of the inner self, has to be self motivator, and in addition to be an influencer for others. To neglect oneself is only possible in case one will just consume – ideas, achievements, emotions, support, effort of others, but in this case it’s impossible that one can produce one’s own ideas, own emotions, or any other valuable thing. So that the choice is yours. Either to create from heart and stand for what is your nature, staying a self motivator and striving to be an influencer for others, or otherwise to be conventional, convenient, be well-received, be close to others, but pay the price for it, losing yourself and becoming worse influencer, because you are just like anyone else and wish not to give but to get.

J K Rowling initial success was not calculated, it came from her inner self, her values and experience, from words that she would equally say to herself like to anyone else. As we know now with a help of research and algorithms of hyumani.com, she is naturally very attentive person with outstanding imagination, noticing plenty of unordinary things, as well as is keen on people, understanding them as she would understand herself. Helplessness, shock, and plenty of free time just intensified energy for releasing her good personality traits. And she at first became self motivator, as she didn’t and in fact being unable to consume a lot from the outside, and only then she became an influencer. Not vice versa, not like she’s decided to be an influencer by her books and voila! began actually to be one. She really derived and revealed her talent from the inside, did things from her natural good personality trait, and will do even more.

Not less than you. Who knows what problems you have to decide, what principles you need to stand for, what inner pain you have to heal, what limits both social and inner you have to break to move forward? Or your partner, your surroundings, your child? If person’s talent and good personality trait are know, it is much easier to be a self motivator, it’s possible to help oneself using just inner self even in most critical and tough situations, it’s possible to produce rather than consume becoming a real self motivator and influencer. If person’s talent and good personality trait are not known, it’s harder to be a self motivator, and a big lure arises to get support from others, to consume, to follow joy and happiness of illusions, to give up, not to reckon oneself, not to put effort to realize one’s own potential, just listen to others, just to be received, just to be convenient, living in illusions, in others’ illusions, allowing others to be your influencers. Would you like to never realize yourself, feeling unsatisfied, substituting your real self more and more by illusions, and suppressing unsatisfaction by momentary pleasures? We don’t and, most likely, you too.

We wish you to understand your capacity, your talent, your good personality trait, since it’s your power, and whatever it is it’ll always protect you, even if hurts it’ll never let you down, even if nobody’s close to you you’ll be self motivator, even if there is a great illusion around you may be an influencer. Here is hyumani.com open for you.

hyumani.com - solution to define good personality trait to be an influencer and self motivator