hyumani.com - solution to support brain balance and work life balance by good quality of a person
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hyumani.com - solution to support brain balance and work life balance by good quality of a person

Does good quality of a person give brain balance or work life balance?

Whoever I am, I’m not a traitor. 1978. Head coach of Argentina’s national football team at the last minute is taking the name of young Diego Armando Maradona off the list for the World Cup’78, making Maradona cry but probably saving him brain balance, health of immature mind, and some life years. Because World Cup isn’t only a handsome game for the players to show their capacities and good quality of a person, it is the real countries’ contest as well as tough global business with huge money behind it, including that of mafia and betting. So subsequent Maradona’s Golden Ball, the best player of XX century title, the best goal ever, world record transfer fee of his time are not mere the result of his pure talent, precise technique, incredible hard work and self discipline at the cost of work life balance, it is also the result of withstanding harsh physical injuries, playing despite overwhelming pain, staying motivated after referees’ injustice, coaches disdain, fans’ unsupport and misleading, coping with massive moral pressure and open insults of rivals and their fans, making correct decisions while reacting every second to the smallest changes and predicting complicated behaviour of rival players, team mates, and a ball. But eighteen is too early for that.

Although his good quality of a person was from his childhood pushed by his family, who directed him to earn more money and behave in a way they would be proud of him, so that all of them would get rid of their poverty, sometimes such excessive demands made things and his brain balance worse rather than better, since Diego obviously often had lack of education, knowledge, experience, good advice, quality support to make proper choices. A guy from simple natural suburb didn’t expect life to be so complex. Perfectly playing on the field, and then having nice work life balance to refresh himself apparently appeared not enough for being a star. Mother who expected he’d put all his might and main, like his father did, for supporting his family. Uneducated women who better knew how to elicit and spend money than how to earn it. Choice between useless agents from trusted friends vs. professional shark agents who stayed needed by concealing truth about financial operations and making Diego addicted to drugs. Mafia who tried to control him via addictions, threats, and pleasures, taking him out of brain balance, for the profit of their betting business. Hundreds of so-called friends taking his time and work life balance, and no one who sincerely would help. Coaches with ineffective strategies and trainings. Business requiring him to behave exactly in accordance with contracts. Egoistic team members making no extra efforts and demanding support and attention. Journalists who think Maradona should spend his entire life providing comments, interviews, social support, and news for official and tabloid media, leaving no time for his work life balance, and if he didn’t inventing most dirty stories. Courts always ready to charge money from him whoever files there. Fans loving only always perfect games. Country requiring absolute loyalty and extreme success. The world with no place for a good quality of a person.

Do you think your good quality of a person may help you to keep brain balance and work life balance?

Are people grateful for what one gives? No, they just get used to it and want more. And no their money could return consumed energy. Definitely not the world for a man who just wanted people to enjoy his game. Maradona had learnt to be smart, brave, resilient, fantastically capable, to maintain brain balance. But hadn’t learnt to be unsupported, deceived, betrayed. Maradona with his good quality of a person had learnt to care, to worry about everyone around, to make them happy. But hadn’t learnt to spend energy in vain, to crush his work life balance, just because of others, who don’t want to spend their energy even for themselves to be smarter, more valuable, more capable, just sponging on other people efforts. He tried to recover brain balance and energy by drugs and alcohol in order to give joy, play well, support people more and further for winning their love. But only started to uncontrollably use his reserved inner energy, which any human body keeps in cells for extreme cases, positive feelings, good quality of a person, and development, thereafter Maradona’s body could provide him neither with enough power to recreate health nor with enough brain balance for making correct decisions or maintaining work life balance, which eventually claimed his life. He gave himself and his energy up completely to his game and to others, being devoted to others, trying to never betray them, supporting them, leaving noting for himself to live.

But if Diego Maradona would live today life would be different for him. Today, with a help of algorithms and research of hyumani.com we’re ready to define natural good quality of a person, which keeps person’s brain balance and the person per se energized and motivated regardless of external praises, support, emotions, and outer circumstances. If Maradona would live today, he would be able to maintain work life balance perfectly without others' love, and could do more in his career, in sharing his talent, in realizing his goals, in defending his own position and values.

Not less than you. Who knows what harsh surroundings or illusive utopia you have to withstand, at the same time developing your talent, supporting your values, sharing things you consider worth sharing, building and changing the world around? Or your partner, your child, your teammate, your captain? If natural good quality of a person is known, the person not only can maintain outer work life balance, valuing oneself, but also maintain one’s own brain balance reminding oneself what is dear for the person, and giving not everything to everyone, but only things that support person’s morals and principles, so that the person would be motivated and satisfied building around the world the person needs. If natural good quality of a person is not known, there is a big danger that the person would tend to live by external praises and advice, would try to make others happy, proud, satisfied, may tend to subdue oneself to such an image where good quality of a person are assessed by others; this eventually leads to poor brain balance, as the person is not firm and positive enough, just waiting for admiration, as well as it leads to terrible work life balance since the person always tends to meet others’ expectations, tries to adjust and comply with others requests, wishes, advice, proposals, invitations, leaving zero time for recreation, while receiving no real reward and satisfaction for oneself, staying tired and deenergized. Would you like to live among people who have good quality of a person but always are depressed, nervous, pity themselves, try to boost energy by alcohol and drugs, have bad brain balance, can’t make proper decisions, and having no work life balance just burn themselves out to decline? We don’t and, most likely, you too.

We wish you to be strong, energized, determined, and happy, to know your natural good quality of a person directing it towards fulfillment of worthy goals, to maintain your brain balance making correct decisions, to treasure and be responsible for oneself and people around, to keep work life balance that would allow you to recreate your energy in order to move forward and succeed supporting your principles and values. Here is hyumani.com open for you.

hyumani.com - solution to support brain balance and work life balance by good quality of a person