hyumani.com - solution for self management and self possession via human nature and 4 temperaments types to be a happy person
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hyumani.com - solution for self management and self possession via human nature and 4 temperaments types to be a happy person

How to be a happy person by self management and 4 temperaments types?

Nothing could exceed the enthusiasm and eagerness with which people display readiness to meet both enemies and idols. 1800. Madame Tussaud is taking a cast from the face of Napoleon Bonaparte, proclaiming a new wave of celebrities, and the end of the French Revolution. She does it as she did the casts throughout the entire revolution. Revolution started by virtuous philosophers, promoted by negligent adventurers, forced by primitive powers, pacified by unprepared idealists, only to be seized and concluded by dictator. Within just ten years she touched faces of princesses and kings, murderers and tyrants, foretellers and statesmen, severed heads and brilliant happy persons, killed brothers and executed friends, self possessed independent dignified nobles and vulgar miserable tempting orators who excited the primitive populace, sweet elegant queens of hearts and simple ardent advocates of liberty – all 4 temperaments types, all whose who overestimated human nature for good or bad, while ruling turbulent and fierce public, that mob that easily can kill but is too uneducated and enslaved to build, is pushed by wishes with no self management, allowing themselves to be accusers and judges at the same time. She took part in that grandiose spectacle, realizing her handsome competence, giving character and accuracy to portraits of interminable idols, and trying to keep common sense of ordinary Parisian who maintains her life and business.

All that made her quickly grasp that in order to be a happy person in any situation, one has to have self possession, self management, and independently judge human nature with all its 4 temperaments types. Resemblance in wax was in vogue in her days, but while others created wax fruits, Christs, happy persons, scientific models, copies of impaired limbs to be sent to church for saints’ mercy, she became aware that if she lives in times when capital transfers from possession by the nobility to possession by states, one has to be needed for states. And what could be more important for establishing states than the business of new idols and individual human nature? She met this idols’ business all around her – in galleries and statues of Versailles; at rich and gallant highly competing court with its air of individuality, self management, self possession, chivalry; in appearances on a balcony and public dinners of the royal family when anyone who saw them was turned into a happy person; in public orators who promoted new fashionable words of 'liberty', 'equality', 'rights', and 'justice' instead of old vogue for 'elegance', 'honour', 'self possession', 'self management', and 'independence'; in guillotining and massacres which public watched with bloodthirsty curiosity of rather animal than human nature; in those unstoppable despots who even being exiled to far islands after all tried to excite the blacks against the whites. She exercised reasoning, observation, working with all senses inherent in human nature and with all 4 temperaments types.

How self management, self possession help to be happy person using human nature, 4 temperaments types?

She was a happy person even during the hardest, uncertain, and horrible times, because she did the job and stuck to principles that, as we know now with a help of hyumani.com, were naturally intrinsic for her personal type, character, human nature, her one of 4 temperaments types, from which she derived self management and self possession. She was very capable in observations, noticing with acute fidelity microscopic details of costumes, bearing, manners, looks, self care and self adornment, the air of the countenance, and harmony of features; any extraordinary originality of movements, gesticulations, proportions, complexion, any inconsistency in hands, tone of voice, eye expression, posture, walk, deportment, clothes, hairstyle, moment, speech, and topic of conversation, any air of false or manipulation couldn’t escape from her. Also she judged the inner human nature of her models, most of the time correctly, wisely, and without bias. But did it exclusively by intuition.

If Madame Tussaud would live today, she could use research and algorithms of hyumani.com and understand natural connections of manners, expressions, trains of thought, ideas, conduct, personal goals and every of 4 temperaments types – inflaming choleric, resilient sanguinic, rational phlegmatic, charming melancholic. Not only she could make reasoned judgments and conclusions, presenting people’s characters even in more intriguing way, showing her models and visitors the way to be a happy person; based on reasons rather than on wisdom, self management, and self possession alone, she could improve her human nature business, not successful at times, in order to be more popular for all, attracting more people of all 4 temperaments types.

Not less than you. Who knows what business you've got, what relations you have to enhance, what visitors you have to impress, what judgments on people you have to make for life, business, support of the society, growth of leadership, communications? Or your partners, your children, your relations, your leaders? If person’s one of 4 temperaments types along with person’s character, human nature, type of expression, motives of behaviour are known, it’s easier to limit the person on person’s vices and foibles, and give arguments, services, inspiration, targets for wisdom, honour, independence, grace, self management, self possession, making one to be a happy person. If person’s one of 4 temperaments types, his character, his human nature are not known, there might be pressing circumstances under which the person may be lost, not knowing his own merits and starting to behave just like anyone else, becoming a crowd and often losing his own human nature; such a person much easier is manipulated, be ‘thrown on barricades’, used for others’ personal purposes; ultimately not knowing where to obtain his own self management and self possession, the person is always unsatisfied, loses his temper, crushes people and puts indignities; it’s hard to conduct business with the person, be in any kind of relations, and even hard to deliver reasonable worthy services which would improve person’s life turning him into a happy person. Would you like to be included in a lost excited crowd? We don’t. And, most likely, you too.

We wish you to know your individuality, your one of 4 temperaments types, conduct self possession and self management, make wise observations and calm deductions in both life and business, obtain inner freedom and independence, feeling dignity and being in general a happy person. Here is hyumani.com open for you.

hyumani.com - solution for self management and self possession via human nature and 4 temperaments types to be a happy person