hyumani.com - solution to define the best of conflict management styles for 4 types of conflict
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hyumani.com - solution to define the best of conflict management styles for 4 types of conflict

How to choose between conflict management styles of 4 types of conflict?

Don’t make yourself cheap. 1938. Leaving vast expanses, flowers, sun, laugh, happy light-heartedness of Syria Agatha Christie is returning to grey reality, Kings’ erratic sympathies, and rumours about war. The best selling author in the world, the woman who’s earned from murders and conflicts more than any other woman including Lucrezia Borgia, once again in life is challenged to put aside her joy and show her intelligence and prudence. As always in her novels, in life she’s taken care about everyone – about the wounded and soldiers making medicines for them; about her famous heroes who shouldn’t sink into oblivion but rather end their days in grace and glory in case something happens to her; about readers and admirers who even after her death should continue to be thrilled by the developments in her imagined world; about relatives who should be provided after her passing away, designating income from Poirot, as from gentleman, for her daughter, while Miss Marple’s modest income has to go to her husband. She writes last cases of her heroes, locks them together with her will in a safe, and goes to work in a hospital expecting any contingent outcome in bombarded London. She's going to be calm and proud amid all the conflict.

Agatha Christie in her life went through all 4 types of conflict – global world conflict of collapsing degraded empires vs more and more informed people who started to feel themselves clever and powerful; cultural conflict of her intellectual self-possessed upper middle class vs growing demands of self-assertive liberal public; family conflicts when neither parents nor husband didn’t appreciate her too much, not understanding her properly, thinking her lazy and indifferent rather than honourably strong; her individual inner conflict when she didn’t want to be an ‘employed wage slave’ as much as she didn’t want to be a ‘home wife-slave’. In one or another way she put those conflicts on paper trying to find different conflict management styles from the perspective of different characters. And that’s why her novels are still interesting and are translated into a half of official languages on earth – because they reflex our own life with 4 types of conflict we face every day, while her characters show conflict management styles close to our selves.

How may knowledge of conflict management styles help you in resolving 4 types of conflict?

As we know now with a help of hyumani.com Agatha Christie had Associating type of mind, regarding people and things as a part of herself. She related herself to everyone, naturally took care about people around and globally, established inner close ties with everyone and everything she liked, tried to prevent them from all 4 types of conflict. She proposed to others her own vision of conflict management styles, what in its turn sometimes caused conflicts per se since people might naturally consider that conflicts had to be managed regarding their own minds. So it was very painful for her to break those close ties, it was like to cut a part of herself. Nevertheless throughout lifetime she lost people she loved along with things she treasured, places she cherished, ideals she valued.

But things are different today. Today, using computing algorithms and research of hyumani.com, we are ready to define 4 types of people with their 4 types of conflict management styles. If Agatha Christie would live today, she’d be able to propose conflict management styles based on data, based on a certain exact character, regarding 4 types of conflict each of character types is more inclined to provoke as well as to solve. So she would have more solved conflicts in her life.

Not less than you. Who knows what is the level of the conflicts you may resolve, and how it may benefit not only surroundings but people on the global scale? Or your partner, your leader, your mate? If person’s one of 4 conflict management styles is known, a person knows what kind of 4 types of conflict the person tends to create around, which of 4 types of conflict the person has the biggest and natural strength to decide, what conflict management styles to apply being in confrontation either with a partner or an opponent. If person’s one of conflict management styles is not known, and one would solve a conflict just intuitively, from one’s own perspective, with one’s own vision, regarding only one’s type of character, there is a risk of at least not resolving the conflict, at most escalating the conflict further by, firstly, wrongly defining which of 4 types of conflict one solves, and, secondly, because one’s own nature would tend to deliver facts and arguments in a way people of other types would misunderstood. Would you like to live within conflicts? We don’t. And, most likely, you too.

We wish you to behave like a leader towards conflicts, with wisdom, resourcefulness, decisiveness and resolution, not allowing conflicts to conquer or change you; we wish you to understand different conflict management styles for different people, and apply them properly to 4 types of conflict. Here is hyumani.com open for you.

hyumani.com - solution to define the best of conflict management styles for 4 types of conflict