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How to get personal competitiveness with your character good traits?

Albeit it does move 1633. Galileo Galilei is standing on the Piazza della Minerva in Rome after the Inquisition trial, still having a strong intention to continue his work, researching the Universe and natural mathematical laws of our planet. He had proved the movement of the Earth and the Sun; wrote about worlds’ infinity; laid the groundwork for dynamics; refuted Aristotle solid study; made the great discovery of the relativity principle, which was further developed by modern studies including Einstein’s, and thus enabled the emergence of all the mechanic and cosmic tech we’ve got by now.

His determination and success, the value he brought to the world, were possible because he followed his calling, his inner inbuilt motives, used his natural type of personal competitiveness. As we can define now, he had Global and Species competitiveness type, striving to benefit first of all the whole humanity and leading among other species. This type of competitiveness, expressed through such character good traits as tenacity, smart inventiveness, practicality, realism, respect, compliance with authorities, provided him with great inner strength and successful strategy to accomplish and leave his immortal work, handling all the obstacles and troubles, which happened during his life, on the way towards his grandiose goal – to open for humanity the truth of nature and the Universe.

What character good traits may be your best competitiveness strategy?

Galileo was pushed by his inner urge of Species competitiveness, felt it the sphere where he could take grand advantage, but even having natural confidence in oneself, couldn’t explain his strivings neither to parents nor to family nor to colleagues and, while creating incredible ideas, was haunted by misunderstanding. But now that is ancient story. Today we’re able to recognize type of competitiveness and character good traits, using computing algorithms and research of hyumani.com – data-based solution, which has created an integral system of human qualities related to any person.

In today’s life Galileo might be praised and acknowledged for his natural genius, character good traits, his type of competitiveness; might bring values to the world more freely and comfortable; not fighting for sharing his discoveries, but spending time exploring even more unknown things, supporting his type of competitiveness and creating more solid humanity advantages.

Not less than you. Who knows what unique value you might naturally bear and defend in the world? Or your teammate, your child, your friend? Those our inner motives, our inbuilt types of competitiveness are really powerful tools. If followed, they allow our character good traits to open, give us reasons, purposes, and internal energy to be not influenced by outer circumstances, while moving directly to our goals. If not followed, they could make a person unenergized, disinterested, lost, spineless, lacking integrity, character, and power, someone you can’t rely on. Would you like to have this sort of friends, relatives, colleagues? We don’t and, most likely, you too.

We wish you to be strong, self motivated, having energy to support others and fulfil your own goals in today’s world. You are welcome to know natural type of competitiveness of yourself to be determined. Or type of competitiveness of others to lead and motivate them better whether they’re your team, your employees, your partners, your family, your clients, or your child. Here is hyumani.com open for you.

hyumani.com - solution to define competitiveness and character good traits