hyumani.com - solution for creativity, productivity, self efficacy, and growth mindset
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hyumani.com - solution for creativity, productivity, self efficacy, and growth mindset

How to lead by creativity, productivity, self efficacy, and growth mindset?

Boredom makes you old 1912. The famous letter that Elizabeth Arden might be registered as a trademark had come and the red door of the first luxurious beauty salon, then two-and-half-billion-dollar business, had been opened. At the time women got rid of corsets, men’s superiority, false modesty, but didn’t get rid of women’s powerful charm and the necessity to know the science of femininity. On the contrary, the rise of Hollywood, of women in politics, in sport, in business, in army, in culture only grew the number of women who earned their own money and wanted to spend it for repair and own effective beauty. Simultaneously appearing impulsive consumption and mass-market, where money are chucked away for ineffective stuff, made those who really had money want to be distinctive, and Arden’s luxury salons and closed club resorts with innovative products, masterpiece packages, personal approach, 'damn good care' were places where they could show that money mean something. That in some years made Arden Inc. one of the Big Ten firms that capture eighty percent of US market, celebrating beauty, grooming, young and healthy look of new active ladies.

Self efficacy, productivity, creativity, growth mindset of Florence Nightingale aka Elizabeth Arden opened the era of mass comfort and competition by assortment, by advertising, by image, by network, by contracts. She laid the foundation of modern business – aggressive growth even in hard times like war, and appeal directly to clients’ nature.

What can you do with creativity, productivity, self efficacy, and growth mindset?

She felt intuitively her own natural talent for health and beauty – which now could be defined with a help of hyumani.com – working as a nurse, doctor's assistant, pharmacy intern. But as to others’ talents she was not so attentive. She hired and fired fiercely, always looking for something more perfect, hardly ever considering people’s personal type of creativity, environment for their productivity and self efficacy, motives for them to evoke their growth mindset. And in today’s reality she would just be drawn into a number of lawsuits along with mass negative comments in social media.

Today things don’t work this way. If one requires from people creativity, productivity, self efficacy, growth mindset, one has to provide talents with inspiring atmosphere and, what is more important, to define and know talents in advance, preliminary to working with them. In both cases algorithms and research of hyumani.com can help – the solution that based on natural processes and expression, which allows to detect integral system of personality traits, including natural talents of a person and special inspirational environment for it. Elizabeth Arden might even use hyumani.com for her clients, providing more personal services relevant to their wishes and values and ‘a peace of mind’ as she wanted, preaching that a beauty begins within a woman. In this way she might attract more modern professionals and clients.

Not less than you. Who knows what you may achieve if would know for certain what type of creativity you’ve got, what are your talents that easily give you productivity and self efficacy, what are delightful targets that automatically turn on your growth mindset? What are main values and wishes that you may aim to make choices and move forward in life? Or your client, your partner, your employee, your opponent? If natural personal traits of a client or a talent are known they, while having you as a trader or manager, could receive what they really want, dream of, value from you and your services, in return to their eager, utmost, inspired praising you as a helper, supporter, magician who opened for them their way to creativity, productivity, self efficacy, satisfaction, charm, and gleaming depth in eyes; they’ll open their growth mindset to adopt your further services or proposals. If natural personal traits of a client or a talent are not known, there is a risk to mistakenly judge them as you judge yourself, you might start to seek in them the same qualities you praise yourself for, ultimately at best they’d not be impressed and will not react, at worst if you’d insist, there might be a big conflict, since people couldn’t change their nature which relies on physical body processes and properties, and they’ll start to prove that they’ve got their own, different form yours, way of self efficacy and productivity, different type of creativity, different logic, which leads to growth mindset. Would you like to appear in a situation when you have to either go into a deadlock conflict or accept others’ position not even trying to understand it? We don’t. And, most likely, you too.

We wish you to be smart knowing yourself and others’ talents, wishes, values, logic, astonishing them by your rightness and wisdom, at the same time reaping the fruits of creativity, productivity, growth mindset, enjoying your own self efficacy. Here is hyumani.com open for you.

hyumani.com - solution for creativity, productivity, self efficacy, and growth mindset