hyumani.com - solution for extrinsic motivation inspiring self development and self improvement
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hyumani.com - solution for extrinsic motivation inspiring self development and self improvement

Is extrinsic motivation useful in self development and self improvement?

In order to enable others skilled in the art to which it applies. 1875. Missing a chance to protect by patents his dynamite and being forced into competition with those who used his invention for free, but still having successful businesses for producing it in key countries, Alfred Nobel is patenting all over the world more powerful, stable, safer blasting gelatin gelignite, finally completely taming wild nitroglycerine for humankind purposes, allowing industrial era with its mines, railroads, mountain ways, tunnels, roads, ports, bridges, cannels to successfully march on around the globe further and further. He builds his Nobel Dynamite Trust empire on grounds of real trust, giving by his worldwide share companies, by his well-described practical patents, by his thoroughly engineered laboratories and factories, by his households, by his investments and donations, by his personal example of self development and self improvement the opportunities for others to move forwards, develop their ideas and fortune, create the real progress for humanity, making no difference between family, friends, colleagues, and unacquainted talents, providing anyone with suitable extrinsic motivation.

His last and most famous will to establish cosmopolitan Nobel Prize was not the fact of mere generosity. During just several years before it was written his trusted advisor mother and brother with whom he shared oil company in Russia had died, his long-term mistress left him, he had no children, his only living brother had health problems and was almost dying, and he himself could die any moment – chemists working with hazardous substances do not live long, nor do global traders unable to enjoy settled, comfortable, happy life. He lost powerful extrinsic motivation, but continue self development and self improvement. Remaining alone, as diversion and extrinsic motivation, he carelessly invented a product for military market he was not too experienced at, and immediately was bullied and hounded by press, had been banned from work in the country that was his big extrinsic motivation, had lost the case of infringement of his patents that were his main bread and contribution in exchange for shares in businesses, all these just because he tried to make explosives safer for ordinary soldiers and more powerful so that military countries would think twice before starting the war against a well-equipped enemy. It was the last straw for Nobel to lose faith in both egoistic trade and socially convenient justice.

What may be your extrinsic motivation for self development and self improvement?

And the last will to award all his vast fortune as Noble Prizes was his Nemesis sent to the non-ideal world, in which nonetheless everyone has to obtain extrinsic motivation to keep self development and self improvement protecting own values. In fact, it was himself represented in five parts – inventor in chemistry, experimenter in physics, researcher in medicine and psychologist in communications, inspirational idealist in literature, the talent who during his entire life wanted to make the world safer, more natural, more open, more practical, unbiased, more real, more human, to be a better peaceful place to live. This was a noble step of disenchanted misunderstood man in order to be judged and represented by future generations, to push the evolution forward, to allow talents to protect their inventions by publicity, to allow researchers be independent in their self development and self improvement, to allow his businesses in the future to know latest industry developments at once putting everyone in even competition.

Extrinsic motivation – respect, acknowledgement, results of his research – were very important for Alfred Nobel. For them he could extinguish himself by self improvement and self development striving to reach an ideal and perfection. If Alfred Nobel would live today things would be easier for him; today with a help of algorithms and research of hyumani.com he’d know his natural gust of universal truth and would be more certain in what he did, in his efforts in self development and self improvement, would understand his similarities and differences with others; and at the same time others would be able to regard him from the perspective of his own virtues of thinking globally, treasuring mankind, caring about universal charity, rather than from the perspective of traits people could find in themselves, so that people would credit him with good intentions, providing with more power and trust.

Not less than you. Who knows what talent, virtue, discovery, improvement you may present to the world having good extrinsic motivation? Or your colleagues, your pupils, your partners, your team, your fellow-men? If extrinsic motivation of a person is known, it serves both to give the person the reward for his efforts, his self improvement, self development, determination, and at the same time accidentally not to push the person with the wrong reward, considerably demotivating the person, since extrinsic motivation for different people may comprise absolutely opposite things. If extrinsic motivation of the person is not known, not only chances for self development and self improvement are much lower, but the person also sees little value in life, his inner thoughts and values seem unreachable, and his talent, whatever strong and unique it is, never has inner energy and inspiration to be put into practice, the person is unable to compete and fight with others’ maybe wrong, hurtful, deceiving, but real actions. Would you like to live among illusive idealists, logged demotivated people, or always searching but never fulfiled talents? We don’t and, most likely, you too.

We wish you to be practical, natural, effective, energized, inspired, knowing yours and others’ extrinsic motivation, applying it to support talents, to compete by positive and progress, to push hard with self development and self improvement, reaching targets set by extrinsic motivation. Here is hyumani.com open for you.

hyumani.com - solution for extrinsic motivation inspiring self development and self improvement