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hyumani.com - solution to boost productive efficiency, self efficiency, and spontaneous creativity

Need productive efficiency, self efficiency, or spontaneous creativity?

Don’t fish out flies from soup after a customer complains, but rather cook soup without flies. 1952. The Ford Michigan plant is visited by Eiji Toyoda, who being amazed by the scale and power of what he sees, decides to adapt this mass production method for Japanese factories, changing it for higher productive efficiency, higher quality, and the purposes of business known for every worker, so their self efficiency and spontaneous creativity are motivated and their talents are not wasted. This marks a new rising star of automotive industry, which one day becomes famous Toyota Corporation, the leader of the global automarket. But not only this. Toyoda in collaboration with Taiichi Ohno also created the new Toyota Way, the set of rules and practices in system management, which currently constitute a base of Lean and Agile systems, so successful that nowadays all software companies from Silicon Valley giants to smallest sole engineering teams work in Agile and Lean style. This system opens a possibility for new projects to grow with high efficiency and much faster, to boost their team’s spontaneous creativity and self efficiency at new markets. In fact, this system opens a new era – era of start-ups.

In production, logistics, creation, sales, marketing, customer service, in all the operations the same principles were implemented. A customer is not ready to pay for your waist, so reduce waists – unneeded labor, time of waiting, defects, excessive stocks, unplanned movements, logistics, transportation – reduce them, and you’ll get near-optimal productive efficiency. To be competitive, to be the best for your customers, continually improve – make positive changes incrementally step-by-step; if you think about something worthy than try it; start immediately, try persistently, keep doing until you finish it; on the way of improvement develop ideas of next improvements – you’ll be always fresh and new for customers, make an impression of spontaneous creativity, which in fact will be the result of work and standard processes. To grow customer’s satisfaction maintain high standards of quality – allow any worker to raise a question of quality; require any worker to stop the process in order to avoid or end damage; don’t hide defects, errors, and mistakes, learn from failures; find the root causes of the problem and cope with them; document problems and improvements – in this way you’ll fix quality problems before a customer complains, even before a customer ever sees them, a customer will receive and enjoy a perfect thing, the result of your productive efficiency. To add extra word of mouth into your promotion and make customers respect your product, empower people – make processes and tools comfortable for people; take into account all workers’ proposals; allow workers to own their processes and workplaces to improve and organize them for workers’ self efficiency; don’t overburden them, allow to work smoothly, conscious, analyzing, discussing, making decisions, choosing options; motivate workers by aligning their jobs with united long-term great goal, make workers be proud of what they do, be heroes at their work positions – in this way workers’ self efficiency will boost, their proficiency will grow, and their talent will shine bringing profitable ideas and spontaneous creativity to the table of productive efficiency, and share their pride with customers.

What do you require for productive efficiency, self efficiency, and spontaneous creativity?

Those principles of Eiji Toyoda rocketed the company to the top of industry, and being widely used by other companies all over the country, became the basis of Japan industrial competitiveness and flourishing in the world. Eiji Toyoda established golden standard for Japanese production, but didn’t expect company to go farther and open factories everywhere in the world. Which causes a series of problems, because people of the globe are different and their mindsets do not allow to follow principles that are obvious for Japanese people without a second word. Different people reach their self efficiency by different means. Not everyone is good in team work, not everyone has a keen eye on problems, not everyone is a good owner, for everyone spontaneous creativity and productive efficiency comes from different sources.

If Eiji Toyoda would live today, things might be different. Today, with a help of algorithms and research of hyumani.com we are ready to pigeonhole different types of people, understanding their naturally given and body-supported capacities and inclinations, which would considerably change described by Eiji way to achieve self efficiency. Now we know internal motivations, prevailing logic, talents and aptitudes, targets and behavioural strategies of people of different types, which would help to boost productive efficiency and spontaneous creativity regardless the country, just based on people themselves, on a type of their personality. This would provide Eiji with more effective talents and understanding from people in any country around the globe.

Not less than you. Who knows what processes you have to establish, what talents you have to boost, what teams you have to organize, in what competition you have to win, and which your product have to succeed? If any person’s way of self efficiency is known, it’s possible to integrate the person into the whole process at the particular position, where the person will naturally be motivated, energized, happy, will spark with spontaneous creativity and will own processes with productive efficiency, because the person, who is naturally built for the purpose, easily finds answers to organize everything in order to succeed at the place right for his talent and logic. If person’s way of self efficiency is not known, there is a risk of placing the person in a wrong position or giving a task the person is not talented to cope with; the person will feel uncomfortable, will suffer from misunderstanding; all his spontaneous creativity will support person’s natural talent and train of thought in other direction, so person’s proposals will be irrelevant for his current job, the person cannot develop, improve, succeed in the job contrasting to person’s natural talent, his productive efficiency will be lower than normal, the person will feel shame comparing himself to more successful colleagues. Would you like to work with people who feel suppressed, uncomfortable, cannot defend their opinions, are afraid of doing something wrong in their jobs due to many previous failures? We don’t, and, most likely, you too.

We wish you to be wise in organizing your productive efficiency whether in life or in work; to use people’s talents, logic, aptitudes in a way in which they’d be eager and motivated to apply their capacities and boost their self efficiency; we wish you to support surroundings and environment comfortable for every type, so that people’s spontaneous creativity would become a norm and would make people happy, while the whole process and enterprise will sustain and succeed. Here is hyumani.com open for you.

hyumani.com - solution to boost productive efficiency, self efficiency, and spontaneous creativity