hyumani.com - solution to build wellbeing and leadership strategy based on good traits of a person
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hyumani.com - solution to build wellbeing and leadership strategy based on good traits of a person

What leadership strategy fits wellbeing showing good traits of a person?

I leave it on your conscience to ease my soul. 1492. The third King’s daughter, who had occupied a throne thanks to a couple of poisonings, conversions, and the right choice of admirers and bosses, Isabella I of Castile had been deciding to reinforce her legitimate role by helping the Vatican to expand its power, and moreover to acquire ever greater income from newly-converted catholic possessions of Grenada and America. She had defeated the last Mauritanian emirate of the Iberian Peninsula Grenada – the main gateway for the African gold to the Western Europe – concluding Reconquista. At the territory of the Crown she had outlawed non-Christian Jews, after more than a thousand years that they enjoyed trade privileges, participation in finance and trade administration, frequent exemption of Jewish community from taxes and obligations on that lands. And finally, she'd sent Columbus to discover America, preliminarily keeping him waiting for three months in negotiations to achieve best terms and bigger shares in the affair.

As we know now with a help of hyumani.com her leadership strategy was based on Planning and Role, which she played perfectly, imparting 'holy' aura to herself and everything she did. In addition, her Diagnostic type of logic always helped her to understand whether things match or don’t match her ‘sanctity’ image, and to adopt only those that did, passing the solution of controversial, dirty, unclear, mean, or dishonest issues, which couldn’t accentuate her good traits of a person, to other people. In this way she always was able to claim excuse that she was forced or cheated, simultaneously maintaining wellbeing and benefits from those solutions.

Do you build leadership strategy based on your good traits of a person for common wellbeing?

Isabella’s leadership strategy was often based on pretense, hesitation, opinions of others, where her good traits of a person were mostly seeming, and comprised hidden conflicts in the future, 'delayed-action bomb' rather than common wellbeing. She tried to be good for everyone so issued 'eternal' guaranteed rents and grants to those who helped her, which in some years had to be taken off by her heirs rather than by herself; she agreed to unjust taxes and dues collection at the same time assigning committees for investigation of complaints related to those dues; for decision of questions she gathered conciliums but didn’t took responsibility so members had to decide by themselves how to settle complex debatable issues and who should do what, while Isabella would keep her ‘sanctity’ reputation and get wellbeing in any case.

If Isabella would live today, it would be possible for her to be more certain. Using research and algorithms of hyumani.com she might know her good traits of a person like friendliness, ability to influence, create a comfort, harmony, efficient processes and atmosphere for talents, ability to innovate and create benefiting services for many; she wouldn’t base her decisions on 'God’s will' or 'Royal power' but on human practical wisdom looking for real final solutions for particular people, which shouldn’t be hidden behind meaningless abstract elevated nice worlds, deceiving promises, and creation of illusive wellbeing. With her natural leadership strategy she could create or gather many progressive and innovative solutions for common problems.

Not less than you. If your good traits of a person are known, your leadership strategy may be based on trust, on will, on beauty, on devotion, that will not allow you to be frightened or to hesitate; these good traits of a person bring wellbeing because they give you inner strength, let share it with others, and non-stop push you to move forward whatever happens. If your good traits of a person are not known, your leadership strategy do not allow you to make sure steps, especially when you create a completely new thing or have to make an unprecedented decision; you spend some time to find a support within yourself or outside, and in this case you risk to follow either achievement of egoistic wishes or influence of tricky guys who would be happy to reach personal wellbeing but not the common one.

We wish you to achieve wellbeing by being strong and certain in who you are and what you do, because your good traits of a person will provide you with a support from your inner self, with something you really can share with the world, with natural feeling that you’re the value for the world, that your leadership strategy brings real good for many. Here is hyumani.com open for you.

hyumani.com - solution to build wellbeing and leadership strategy based on good traits of a person