We’ve discovered the 4 principal body systems, which, when active, shape different types of integral and stable personality.
We’ve detected about 20 personal qualities derived from the body’s properties and processes for each type of personality.
We’ve created an ML tool that recognizes what personality type you or someone else is, without a need to identify the person.
We give tips on neutralizing personal bias where it can bring harm, by revealing the bias, by negotiations and personal strength.


more considerate legal cases
inclusive management of the team
relevant compelling business offers
less personally-focused political steps
Track logic, talents, desires, values of anyone from the data around you
DETECTING ~20 PERSONAL QUALITIES resulting report defines person's type and describes about 20 related personal qualities
POSITION The first step in negotiation is to prepare yourself for better introduction by anticipating the person’s natural logic and general mindset.

SOLUTIONS You can leverage the way your mind works in order to find better life solutions and make important decisions, knowing your natural logic.
IMPRESSION The second step, at the first meetings, is to be ready to please the person’s body processes with your image, emotional state and style.

IMMUNITY In order to bypass trends and rules everyone has to follow, you can stay untouchable, being appreciated for your great natural talents.
INTERESTS The third step, while actually negotiating, is to present your proposal in light of the person’s interests, including the person’s natural desires.

SUCCESS You can inspire yourself to take risks, break through and reach what you want, despite all barriers, being excited by your natural desires.
PRIORITY The final step, winning over rival solutions, is to align the proposal with the person’s inner priorities – the body’s natural values and life goals.

RESILIENCE To get through people’s over-competitiveness, attacks or hard times, you can stay supported and energized, sharing your natural values.
Artificial Intelligence empowers human nature for personal advance and better communication in a changing world. Presentation
1 The first step is to record or upload the person's original speech or text and related data. If the text is not in English, please, translate it first and Copy+Paste it from any translation service.
2 Then see if the computing model can recognize the person’s type (extract the necessary meaningful information) from the uploaded data. Only if ‘yes’ is displayed can payment be made.
3 Receive a report describing the person’s qualities by email. This person could be yourself or anyone else. The report gives a holistic system of qualities for the person's type of personality.
4 Finally, read report tips on how to consider the person's qualities in real life for negotiations or personal strength. And please ensure you read the legal terms before you start using the service.
integral personality YES
roots explained YES
anonymous report YES
$ 50
purpose – psychological profiling derived from body properties. You can determine anyone’s type of personality along with about 20 personal qualities which can be employed to help you neutralize personality bias, negotiate with the other person, and keep personal strength.
IBM Watson
integral personality NO. sporadic traits
roots explained NO. bare data
anonymous report YES
$ 0-120
Watson Personality Insights predict habits, preferences, inclination for products, deriving personality characteristics, needs, intends, and values via written text; to improve conversion rates and personalized messaging.
New Life Genetics
integral personality NO. sporadic traits
roots explained YES
anonymous report NO. identified
€ 250
DNA Talent testing for genetics of major chemical and physical elements that affect the construction of muscles, functioning of the brain, and consequent presumable social skills, personality, verbal communication, motor skills.
integral personality NO. sporadic traits
roots explained NO. surveys
anonymous report NO. identified
$ 100
Trait Reports from DNA for better life decisions, studying correlation between personality traits and genetic features by surveying people and looking for similarities in DNA of those who, based on perception, reported similar traits.
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To know people of all 4 races – white, yellow, red, and brown – as well as people of all 4 natural strategies – who strive to be wide, high, exact, or deep – in each of the race. - personality types by ML