The body maintains processes that affect personal qualities of people and even our self concept.
People with certain body processes cannot change behaviour and traits or accept divergent ones.
As people’s traits are words, we can use AI / ML adjusting to this nature for ethical and sustainable life.
We can use this knowledge of self and others to grow strength, self-motivation or communicate better.


explain decisions . solve problems
inspire creativity . make an impact
sell satisfaction . focus consumption
give strength . keep resilience
Define logic, talents, desires, values of any person with data, text, and speech around you
LOGIC When you explain things to decision-makers, be heard and understood, following their natural logic.

To maintain sustainable living, solve challenging problems better, using your natural logic.
TALENTS When you create things engaging professionals, make them efficient, boosting their natural talents.

To influence people for behaviour change, be impactful, using your natural talent.
DESIRES When you present things to treasured customers, aim and satisfy wishes, expecting their natural desires.

To consume less staying successful, focus on self concept and your natural desires.
VALUES When you protect things relying on managers, retain strength and dedication, using their natural values.

For sustainable life, keep resilience and self motivation with your natural values.
Artificial Intelligence empowers human nature for extending self knowledge and managing behaviour change to sustainable living. Presentation
1 The first step is to record or upload original person's speech or text and relevant data. If the text is not in English, please, translate it first, and Copy+Paste it from any translation service.
2 Then see whether the computing model can recognize person’s type (extract necessary meaningful information) from data. Only if ‘yes’ is shown, the payment will be possible to provide.
3 Get the report with description of person’s traits and underlying nature. This person may be either yourself or anyone else. The report info is based on research of people and data with a help of AI.
4 Finally, read use cases that explain how insight into person's traits may serve you in real situations. And, please, ensure you've read legal terms before you start using the service.
PERSON’S SELF CONCEPT REPORT Report contents - use personal qualities for solutions, impact, wins, resilience in sustainable life
integrated character YES
roots explained YES
anonymous report YES
$ 35
purpose – is knowledge of self and personal qualities of people defined by ML / AI, giving you more self motivation to change behavior towards sustainable living, and also helping you in ethical communication to adjust it to people’s nature and body processes that create our self concept.
IBM Watson
integrated character NO. sporadic traits
roots explained NO. bare data
anonymous report YES
$ 0-120
Watson Personality Insights predict habits, preferences, inclination for products, deriving personality characteristics, needs, intends, and values via written text; to improve conversion rates and personalized messaging.
New Life Genetics
integrated character NO. sporadic traits
roots explained YES
anonymous report NO. identified
€ 250
DNA Talent testing for genetics of major chemical and physical elements that affect the construction of muscles, functioning of the brain, and consequent presumable social skills, personality, verbal communication, motor skills.
integrated character NO. sporadic traits
roots explained NO. surveys
anonymous report NO. identified
$ 100
Trait Reports from DNA for better life decisions, study correlation between personality traits and genetic features by surveying people and looking for similarities in DNA of those who, based on perception, reported similar traits.
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