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hyumani.com - solution for management styles based on personal values and self motivation

Could management styles be based on personal values and self motivation?

If not me, who? If not now, when? 1990. Former grocery saleslady, Oxford student, and now first female Prime Minister of powerful empire Margaret Thatcher is leaving Paris European Conference on Security and Cooperation, where her primary goal to defeat communism is finally accomplished and the Cold War has been ended. The fight was almost uneven. Having SS-20 nuclear ballistic missiles targeted on Europe, more and more hot spots initiated by Soviets around the globe – Middle East, Africa, South-East Asia, Central America, Afghanistan, Poland – where the UK has to step in and defeat principles of freedom and Western World, if not by armies and weapons than by economic help and loans, on the one hand, and at the same time nationalized subsidized industries with uncompetitive prices and overmanned companies, employees of which enjoyed handsome wages with annual raise regardless of profit, plus very generous in-country social programs, plus world recession, growing prices of goods, and unemployment resulted from increasing oil prices, plus the necessity to unite with both aggressive US and liberal Europe with all its nationalities and national illusions in order to build the concept of strong protected integrated Europe, plus the need to open national market and to compete with the same countries for international investments and shares of new emergent markets of developing countries, on the other hand. All this not for abstract ‘public money’ but for real limited taxpayers’ money. All this by very thorough management styles, very accurate and strategic diplomacy, achieving peace with less weaponry and at lower cost. Sometimes being supported just by her own personal values and self motivation rather than by friends. She fought desperately with Soviets, left wing, journalists, public, trade unions, invaders, terrorists, climate change, apartheid, and finally wins fulfilling her main goal to build strong Britain everyone would be proud to be a part of.

As we know now with a help of hyumani.com, Margaret Thatcher saw the world as the complex systemic interconnected whole, trying to change it all at once. At the same time not paying sufficient attention to individual small people, with their small problems. She thought that people could be as strong and resilient as she was, that public would hear her and unite going through hard times, that people could put aside small egoistic targets on the way to glorious common goal to make Britain Great, which corresponded with her courage and dignity, and was her strong self motivation. Her management styles expected people to be adult, responsible for themselves, and being able to step above their egoistic self, ‘to stand for own principles’, ‘to die for freedom’, ‘to defend own views and position’ in order to come to the most balanced, united, and wise solution.

How could you use your personal values and self motivation refining management styles?

But people are as they are. Of course people didn’t want to make an effort, of course people wanted to enjoy their lives having more for less, and not caring about others or the whole system or about future. And that run into resistance to her proposals to be firm, strong, independent, effective, to pull in the belt, grew opposition to her tough decisions, often leaving her lonely. Her management styles were intended for everyone at once, while people’s lives lied within the bounds of their own pleasures and chores, not within personal values and self motivation, which were basics of her management styles. And that made her weak, unsupported, proliferated irresponsible allies and inner enemies.

If Margaret Thatcher would live today things might be different. Using research and algorithms of hyumani.com it would be possible to define people’s personal values, so that she would be able to provide people with better self motivation, inspiration, push to develop and move forward, provoke to be effective, be interested, think alongside her and deliver their ideas. She also would be more confident in herself and her management styles, being prepared to include people’s needs of self motivation and their personal values into the systemic improvement she built for everyone. She would understand her personal values and self motivation that came from personal responsibility. And she would be sure in what she did, in the importance of the goals she strived to reach, in her balanced and integrated decisions, she would be more firm in defeating her egoistic contra, and in turning enemies into friends.

Not less than you. Who knows what important ideas you have to defend, what unprecedented goals you have to accomplish, which one of 4 management styles – by control, by planning, by organization, or by motivation – you are more inclined to apply, and what results may be reached by you? Or by your ally, your friend, your contestant, your enemy? If personal values, which are the source of natural self motivation and inspiration, dictating natural personal management styles, are known, it’s possible to prepare sustainable and fundamental strategy and management styles based on them, which will not be challenged by outer uncertainty, lack of information, people’s negative emotions, unreliable support, and others’ unwise bounded views and opinions; the strategy will be based on persons per se, on their nature that with no doubts is ready to provide inner body energy for fulfilling natural personal values, and giving effortless self motivation. If personal values, self motivation, management styles derived from person’s nature are not known, there may be a big mistake to assess others by criteria and personal values one assesses oneself, and therefore give others weak reasons for self motivation; they will follow you with lack of initiative and will, not wishing to make an effort; following your management styles, your ideas, your grandiose goals will be slavery for them rather than self development, self fulfilment, self motivation. Do you want to get from people continuous resistance, spending energy to fight it, rather than help? We don’t. And, most likely, you too.

We wish you to be confident in yourself, be sure that what you do is important, make wise decisions knowing others’ personal values and getting their support inspiring their self motivation, and when applying the most natural and easiest for you management styles be faithful to yourself. Here is hyumani.com open for you.

hyumani.com - solution for management styles based on personal values and self motivation