hyumani.com - solution to be effective communicator knowing nature of communication
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hyumani.com - solution to be effective communicator knowing nature of communication

How grasp of the nature of communication helps to be an effective communicator?

It’s more that politics, it’s a mission. 1967. Free sincere gaucho Ernesto Che Guevara is ready to go into something bigger than the Cuban Revolution and to start the American Revolution. Having a severe form of bronchial asthma, from the early age he fought to be free even from fortune – smoking, travelling thousands of kilometers by bike, battling in wet jungles, living in tough conditions, wishing an attention of a girl from the richest family in a county, taking a wife from leprosarium. As this time, to win or to die, but not to be defeated, not to be enslaved, not to be bounded by either people or circumstances. Living every minute as the last minute, expecting death any moment so wishing this moment to be heroic. He’s formed victorious troops, welcomed Soviet missiles to defend Cuba, in UN provocative speech proclaimed distrust of a cruel international imperialism, written farewell letters. Now making a decisive step into the unknown.

And nevertheless every time he could manage to find someone who would fight shoulder to shoulder with him, despite harsh reality, discipline, punishments. As we know now with a help of hyumani.com Ernesto Che Guevara was an effective communicator who inwardly understood the nature of communication. He strived to be educated and honest, equal and just, simple and clear, genuine and integral. He naturally knew the rules of partnering with people – always be in the front line meeting danger, always praise good deeds, always be the same as mates, always share everything equally. And this appealed to people, they could believe, could have a hero, idol.

What would you do if you’d be an effective communicator knowing the nature of communication?

Ernesto Che Guevara was a straightforward person and understood fight as a direct armed fight, in which he needed money, military support, weapons, connections; that put him again in dependent position on either Cuba, or China, or USSR, and he was too proud to bear it. But if he would rather use his gift of effective communicator, his sense of the nature of communication, he might win playing even a lone hand, and things wouldn’t end so sadly. Especially, considering such almost immediate opportunities as Kennedy’s murder, Israeli war, China cultural closure, USSR invasion of Czechoslovakia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Ethiopia, Angola.

But things are different today. Today we’re ready to define the nature of communication much better using research and algorithms of hyumani.com – the system that detects the targets of communication of anyone for conflict resolution – so such an effective communicator as Ernesto Che Guevara would be supported by data in his activities, would persuade, prove and deliver things more targeted and more efficiently.

Not less than you. Who knows what mission you may further, what injustice you may fight, what common good you may defend? Or your mate, your partner, your friend? If targets of communication of certain people are known, it’s possible to more accurately use a powerful side of the nature of communication, it’s easier to give people what they want as a target of communication, and not let them fall into their negative traits, not let the conflict grow; it means to become an effective communicator maintaining communication by two mutually excluding processes in people’s body, supporting processes that allow a body to naturally produce pleasure and satisfaction, and avoiding to initiate processes that grow in a body negative feelings and behaviour. If targets of communication of certain people are not known, it’s harder to be an effective communicator, there is a risk to get people's rejecting feelings and associations, or even in time to get bad reaction to you usual when people’s body would continuously become accustomed to it following the nature of communication, but also there is a danger to start behaving from your own negative feelings which may lead to very sad consequences of self destruction. Would you like to be an effective communicator? And not to be surrounded and negotiate with people who evoked their negative nature of communication? We do. And, most likely, you too.

We wish you to be an effective communicator using the very nature of communication, to allow yourself to be honest, to defend your position, to meet and deliver on your mission, to take up the New Man's burden. Here is hyumani.com open for you.

hyumani.com - solution to be effective communicator knowing nature of communication