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hyumani.com - solution for self growth by intrinsic motivators and intrinsic rewards

How to boost self growth with intrinsic motivators and intrinsic rewards?

It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right, just beat it! 1983. Famous Thriller, the best-selling music album of all time, sees the world, and 25 years old Michael Jackson is collecting the greatest bunch of all possible awards, finally fulfilling the goal he set 20 years ago starting his career with a song Climb Ev’ry Mountain. And now there are no mountains he can’t climb and he knows he must fight. He wants to break all records, so with his most expensive music videos, the most luxurious stage shows, the biggest sponsor and label contracts, changing the format of MTV, becoming the most awarded music artist ever, with an attitude ‘I never get enough’ and continuous self growth, he certainly does. He wants to move people touching their very hearts, so with the pressure upon all their senses, with his crying whining soft voice, with provocative songs and videos challenging all social norms and depicting aggressive passion, cruelty, open sex, thirst for fame and carefree life, human disregard of themselves, mafia, prostitution, bloody gang fights, street authorities, district kings, robotic police, nazis, hunger, diseases, racism, extra-semitism, poor slums, women in prisons, privileges of the rich, wars, refugee camps, deaths, killing, blackmail, gossips, scandals, destruction of the planet, thrill, fear, misery, he becomes a king in the global kingdom. He wants to be invincible, unbreakable, untouchable, wants his intrinsic rewards and intrinsic motivators to be reached at any rate, so with his fantastic dances, groundbreaking effects, guest celebrities, enigmatic image, with the public who follows his smallest gesture, his subtle change, his every word and pause, his slightest shift of mood, he creates the cult of himself.

Being fifth of six sons in a poor family he’d from the early childhood perfectly learnt that he had to fight with whoever it is, that he should beat everyone eliciting intrinsic rewards from being better, more interesting, more popular than brothers; obtaining intrinsic motivators in striving to overcome poverty and get out of cramped parents’ house and tough family; boosting his self growth collecting any possible detail, move, trend, style, knowledge, intonation which would work for impressing the public.

What would be the best way of setting intrinsic motivators and intrinsic rewards for your self growth?

Climbing his mountains higher and higher, Michael Jackson had to invent more and more unbeatable targets for his intrinsic rewards, since his childhood dreams were all reached – he’d got the highest and most multiple awards the music can propose, his brothers and parents were defeated by his popularity, he was literary a god for millions of fans, and earned money no other music star could never dream before. Being used to the self growth as to the second nature, he had to set new intrinsic motivators, which in time became more and more complex and sophisticated. He decided to beat the whole memory of music industry, the whole world of famous people including those in politics and social impact, to beat the entire globe, so everything famous would be associated with him. He marries the daughter of Elvis Presley; he buys rights for the Beatles albums, so McCartney has to pay to him singing Paul’s own songs; he gets tributes from the most famous stars of the day; he visits presidents and sheikhs gathering crowds bigger than presidents themselves; he changes appearance to the ideal white trying to beat even nature.

From this moment onwards ordinary human imagination could hardly create anything possible as the next tangible targets in order to obtain intrinsic motivators, intrinsic rewards, and ascend the next step of self growth. Michael Jackson started to be harsh with labels, fans, always unsatisfied with himself and his performance. The only his enemy left to beat was he himself with all his outstanding popularity and earlier success. He tried to beat his own achievements, his self growth became founded on self hatred, he seemed to himself different, unique, ideal. He called his children Princes, and envied little boys, trying to refresh in memory that childish simple natural intrinsic rewards and intrinsic motivators when self growth is so obvious and easy to obtain. It was a deadlock. But if Michael Jackson would live today things would be different. Today with a help of algorithms and research of hyumani.com we are able to define natural intrinsic rewards and intrinsic motivators, which are independent from outer circumstances and achieved heights. Natural intrinsic rewards and intrinsic motivators inspire inner desire to move, perform, win, pushing a person to boost self growth by creating right circumstances for it, rather than by waiting for external incentives. The person would develop and do more.

Not less than you. Who knows what heights and peaks you may reach, if you’d know your intrinsic motivators, if you’d always provide yourself with intrinsic rewards, if your life would comprise self growth? And you would share it with your surroundings, your partner, your child. If person’s intrinsic motivators are known, this allows person’s self growth no matter the person has everything or nothing, since it sets person’s targets on the level of human nature making the person obtain intrinsic rewards when some kind of his or others’ inner feelings are achieved, this is less dependent on outer circumstances. If person’s natural intrinsic motivators are not known, person’s self growth completely depends on reaching external targets, which is dangerous for two reasons – if such targets are connected with people, people often have to be in some way manipulated to fulfil person’s wish, and it can’t last long, additionally it creates just artificial feelings, and secondly, if such targets are connected with particular things, it takes time to reach them, and during this time circumstances, trends, fashion, needs, events, society may turn so significantly that the desired things, which give expected intrinsic rewards, become absolutely irrelevant and out-of-date. Would you like to always achieve things that are momentary or unneeded? We don’t and, most likely, you too.

We wish you to be happy, satisfied, build yourself, enjoy your self growth however hard it is, because you’ll know that at the end you’ll feel intrinsic rewards strong and long-lasting, and your intrinsic motivators would make you get back exactly what you feel and give. Here is hyumani.com open for you.

hyumani.com - solution for self growth by intrinsic motivators and intrinsic rewards