hyumani.com - solution to build personal brand and influence using impression management
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hyumani.com - solution to build personal brand and influence using impression management

How to build personal brand and influence using impression management?

To teach you has to know how to do it all yourself. 1930. "The blue angel" Marlene Dietrich is becoming the world renowned top film star under the strict direction of von Sternberg, who is challenged by a provocative task to turn correct home frau into the most popular sexy enigmatic woman on the wave of transition from silent to sound movies. The smallest details are considered in order to impress and influence the public. Everything from chic costumes to hair curls to light aureole to moving shadows and sparkling atmosphere to lyric songs and tone of voice to prestigious elements of private life to proud and accepted behaviour had been serving for impression management, and step-by-step built personal brand of unapproachable star, who does her job and lives her life at the perfect level fulfilling her duties.

Being in hands of professional star-makers who at that time had built far from one personal brand of a star, Marlene Dietrich trusted her personal brand to them, although not forgetting about her own talent to influence, which, as we know now with a help of hyumani.com, followed from Adaptive Body System as her prevailing body system that granted her with great abilities to collaborate, be friendly, and have a nose for style and image relevant to surrounding circumstances and people.

Have you already got impression management to influence or need to build personal brand?

Today these secrets of impression management become available not only for hidden groups of experts. Research and algorithms of hyumani.com provide both creators of the image and influencers themselves with knowledge to build personal brand more precisely and thoroughly, not guessing but rather being definite in advance what might be person’s disadvantages to conceal for good reputation, what are person’s talents, most active body system, and natural benefits to accentuate, what are main senses and means of communications with which the person would influence the public to the max, what are values the person may naturally support and represent in image. So far there were mostly guesses, leading to great successes along with lots of failures and short-time average results in attempts to build personal brand. Today it’s possible to reduce the rate of unsuccessful approaches to build personal brand, maintaining impression management based on nonrandom arguments, on natural strength of personality, knowing it from the very beginning. To build personal brand of a person that would cause more influence.

Not less than you. Who knows what personal brand you may create or represent? What influence it may make in the world? What messages and values you may transmit to the public in a more impactful way? Or your performer, your client, your manager, your partner? If impression management is realized in a conscious planned manner, knowing person’s qualities beforehand, the chances are high to stagger audience’s imagination, to struck the wide public, to make dream, act, want, strive, to be a magnet of attention, to benefit the industry. If impression management is just guessed and random, there is a higher risk that investments and efforts may be lost in vain, and also that the failure of an image, of a role may be confused with unsuccess of the person or image creators themselves, affecting personal reputation which is harder to restore, especially if one was not prepared for such developments, starting to demand attention, insist on influence, being capricious and nervous, and as a result performing even worse, which may go far beyond the reputation to the lost income or fines. Would you like to save the situation every day rather than to deliver benefits out of potential of people and yourself? We don’t and, most likely, you too.

We wish you to build personal brand professionally, being prepared to apply for a greater influence all the specific elements of impression management – advantages and disadvantages, talents and values, main senses, body physical and mental processes – which belong to the person. Here is hyumani.com open for you.

hyumani.com - solution to build personal brand and influence using impression management