hyumani.com - solution for anger management and fear management restricting cult of personality
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hyumani.com - solution for anger management and fear management restricting cult of personality

How to combat cult of personality: fear management or anger management?

Silly calf chooses its own butcher 1942. Almost the entire Europe is being captured by New Germany, Nazi Party leaded by the cult of personality of its fuhrer Adolf Hitler – a man who went through loved ones losses, orphan’s home, refusal to being admitted to the university, poverty, homeless shelters, prisons on his way to the top; he had nothing to lose, so could really believe in what he did – the war against all. European monarchs propose him titles and popularization of Nazi idea within their countries in exchange for German loans and protection. National sentiments rule in Italy and Spain. At the same time in Great Britain antisemitic feeling of the public was increasing rapidly – the quota system had allowed Jewish traders to form a black market selling goods at up to tenfold prices, earning from general disaster. And any ordinary person doesn’t know what to take – own fear management, or aggression and anger management towards others because of their indignation.

The oppressed tend to oppress others, those who they’ve oppressed in their turn oppress surroundings, who also oppress. And within these chains is being born the cult of personality of those who due to fear, anger, envy, self-pity want to rule the world, having neither positive experience for it, nor factual knowledge and trained logic, nor self-management skills, nor targets that would be possible to achieve by oneself rather than by using others. Just continuous goal of oppression, no fear management or anger management at all.

What’s the use of fear management or anger management for you to avoid cult of personality?

But today, with a help of research and algorithms of hyumani.com, it is possible to discover and understand native natural personal principles, independent from others and outer influence, for the person to stand up for, which help to maintain fear management or anger management, no matter what others say and the impact they try to have by their cult of personality.

In this way the person first of all doesn’t care about any cult of personality, and secondly may detect prevailing negative traits of oneself or others, defining the most relevant tactics to apply, should it be anger management, fear management, or cure for other negative traits someone possesses. The more the person stands for intrinsic natural principles dictated to the person by own body, the more the person is independent from others’ opinions, propaganda, praising, hate, building a wall against adopting any cult of personality.

Not less than you. Who knows what great self you may realize, if you’d not follow behaviour or not maintain ideas others want you to bear for their benefits or for a whim? Or if you’d exclude loved ones from common horror, fanaticism, or mass hysteria? If both natural intrinsic principles and prevailing negative traits of a person are known, it’s possible to stop disease, called cult of personality, at the personal level from the inside, it means that with a help of fear management, or anger management, or determining strong inner purposes, the person may lead own independent life, where a way of trials and errors, of real actions, of natural talents’ application and development, of own success and fight with limitations will quickly put off a crown on your head but strengthen you in being yourself. If natural intrinsic person’s principles and negative traits are not known, it’s hard to anticipate the tactics that would work best in order to stop the person to be influenced adopting cult of personality, since negative traits like fear, aggression, envy, self-pity may look similar in one’s behavior and incorrectly applied fear management or anger management as a cure for a particular prevailing negative trait will have no effect.

We wish you to be strong inside, be energized by your own principles, be protected from outer influence by your own integrity and fullness, by correctly and timely applied fear management or anger management, to fulfil your own ideas and make your own mistakes rather than to fulfil others’ wishes just because someone wants them happen and will be benefited from them due to their cult of personality, cult of their own self. Here is hyumani.com open for you.

hyumani.com - solution for anger management and fear management restricting cult of personality