hyumani.com - solution for intrisic motivation to be honour and self esteem example
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hyumani.com - solution for intrisic motivation to be honour and self esteem example

What intrinsic motivation may serve as a honour and self esteem example?

The die is cast. 82 BC. 18 years old high priest Gaius Julius Caesar agrees to be stripped off everything by the new military head of Rome Sulla and has to flee to exile. And no matter that later on he would marry Sulla’s granddaughter, now he firmly states that he’ll never divorce the daughter of Sulla’s enemy Cornelia, and is ready to lose anything else but not his dearly loved 15 years old wife; that he is ready to serve in the army, give bribes, fight against corruption, show the attitude of superiority no matter towards dangerous enemies or pirates, stage popular games, divorce unfaithful wives, cross Rubicons, but in any case to keep his dignity, his self esteem, his honour.

Intrinsic motivation of Julius Caesar comprised of the point of honour, of Roman principles of independence, intelligence, influence, endurance. Strict code of conduct – by no means not to cover oneself by disgrace but rather to win fame for own name, to perpetuate the memory of oneself after death in sake of immortality, of immortal fame, becoming a great self esteem example and an ideal for posterity – as we know now with a help of hyumani.com, in the best way reflected Julius Caesar inner world.

Could your intrinsic motivation and honour make you a self esteem example?

Having such a strong intrinsic motivation, Julius Caesar fought for every step in his career, for every decision he had to make together with other authorities sometimes painful and against his will, so when success had come and he’d become the highest ranked leader, he claimed himself the one and only one dictator for life, wishing his will to be always executed, displaying too high self esteem example. Because where someone decides to rule influential and independent people for his life, his life may become very short. But the precedent per se that such a behaviour, which could be ended only by violence, in principle is possible, presented very destructive too high self esteem example. It crushed the essentials of the society of intelligent people who could compete not by force but by integrity of the equal; it demolished the entire system that was based on a motive of personal honour, intrinsic motivation by independence, a motive to be an individual who stands for oneself and is not ruled as a herd by anyone. Which ultimately led to decoy of the Republic and to heritable title of the emperor, caesar, kaiser, tsar, started by a guy of a simple origin, whom Caesar’s high self esteem example allowed to disregard all principles and intrinsic motivation of human individuals, he was not accustomed to, and to follow his own wishes of showing to others his self esteem example and his own superiority.

But things are different today. Today we’re ready to define intrinsic motivation of a person using research and algorithms of hyumani.com, detecting qualities that the person may be proud of, may conduct with them and apply them in life, may honour oneself for fulfilling person’s own principles and duties, so there is no need to follow others’ too high self esteem example or show off or fight against others or overpower them. Today a person may make more balanced wise decisions valuable for many.

Not less than you. Who knows what great hopes and expectations you may realize following your own way, your own honour and decisions, being a good self esteem example for yourself? Or what your allies may propose to you for common good, if they’d be aware that you follow your intrinsic motivation, your code of honour, being sure that you’d not betray or subdue them, following someone’s too high self esteem example? If natural intrinsic motivation of a person is known, it’s possible to fulfil hopes and wishes using no negative traits or means, it’s possible to build around the society of individuals whose honour is to spend life bringing value and carrying out duties towards each other using own potential, respecting others’ honour and fame of worthy self esteem example. If natural intrinsic motivation of a person is not known, the person and the society one builds around step by step may easier be challenged, provoked, manipulated, having no firm base to stand on, may be pushed to follow egoistic principles and excessive self esteem example, it’s harder to regard oneself and each other, since it’s unknown what exactly the person has to be regarded and praised for, what honour is deeply valuable for the person, it’s harder to calm down a pain from others’ misunderstanding, from continues fighting for oneself, for having a right to be oneself.

We wish you to be an individual, maintaining your own independence, intelligence, influence, and endurance, getting intrinsic motivation, having a sense in life, keeping honour, not demeaning oneself, winning fame, leaving your name immortal, even if you do not believe in immortal Gods. Here is hyumani.com open for you.

hyumani.com - solution for intrisic motivation to be honour and self esteem example