hyumani.com - solution for success in communication using one of 4 decision making styles
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hyumani.com - solution for success in communication using one of 4 decision making styles

Which of 4 decision making styles leads to success in communication?

The most important art for us is cinematograph 1917. Down with the tsar! Rights for women! Education for everyone! Bread for the hungry, freedom for the world! Peace be with huts, war be with palaces! Kill class enemies! Destroy old businesses! Electrification (digitalization) of the entire world! We’ll build our new world; who was nothing, will become everything! Slogans, slogans, slogans. Liberty, fight for rights, internationalism. Propaganda genius Vladimir Lenin is agreeing with Germany upon organization of Russian soldiers to be taken off from the World War I by pushing them and their families into revolts and boycotts, and, in exchange, had been receiving Germany financial support for establishing world’s first Soviet (advisory or council) regime in the largest country of the world, with the territory of sixth of Earth’s lands. He’d made the revolution by hands of the needy; they were poor, unsatisfied, uneducated, primitive, oppressed, but there were a lot of them, enough for dethroning the tsar, arresting the government, and killing the most of ‘old-school’ potentially disagreeing intelligent people who stayed in the country. Electricity for cinema, education for reading, street radio for hearing, public places for speaking – Soviet people were non-stop surrounded by brainwashing propaganda.

Among 4 decision making styles – as we know now with a help of hyumani.com – Vladimir Lenin had the one that was based on Dissemination, Publicity, Promotion achieving success in communication. He could find seductive, incentive proposals for anyone, from sophisticated European politicians to rough miserable soldiers, from active women to tricky bankers. He could put things simple lucid in a very targeted touchy discouraging couple of words. Using his one of 4 decision making styles, inveigling, he reached the success in communication, directing minds of the illiterate and semiliterate poor, not even having radio, TV, or social media. Just by leaflets, prints, talks, and mass speeches he’d started popular uprising of the country from Finland to Siberia.

How may you use 4 decision making styles against opponent’s success in communication?

If those who were in the opposition and democratic parties could define in advance Lenin’s one of 4 decision making styles, they’d be able to detect his Promotional way of success in communication as well as it’d be possible to foresee terror and aggression, his personal revenge he’d forced the masses into. His opponents might be ready to confront and put in other candidate to oppose with similar one of 4 decision making styles, who in his own way could get success in communication reassuring the masses.

But things are different now. Today we’re ready to define person’s one of 4 decision making styles, using research and algorithms of hyumani.com – the solution that defines prevailing traits based on integral system of human qualities. So that knowing it, the person may define the best approach to obtain success in communication, to know own power for influencing the public, and moreover to define opponent’s one of 4 decision making styles in order to understand the other party, be ready for counteractions, prepare preventive measures and precautions against threats that may come from the opponents in case they’d get success in communication with the masses. The person may win more minds to lead and share one’s weighty statements.

Not less than you. Who knows what serious point you may stand for, and who you’ll have to stand against? Or your leader, your head, your representative? If person’s one of 4 decision making styles is defined, one may gain success in communication with higher probability, being prepared, certain, knowing what style give the person advantages, what points to accentuate as important, breakthrough, key, lucrative, effective, what points to avoid in order not to provoke negative traits. If person’s one of 4 decision making styles is not defined, one may be deceived mistaking good traits and points for bad or vice versa, and the price of such a mistake may be very high, since it may repel reliable allies or followers, or at worst it may be regarded as conscious collaboration with the opponents for their success in communication, as intention to serve two masters, or treachery, even if one never meant the faintest idea of it.

We wish you to be thoughtful, well-prepared, powerful, careful, certain in your traits that lead to success in communication, and also have an idea of other’s one of 4 decision making styles in order to win and neutralize conflicts. Here is hyumani.com open for you.

hyumani.com - solution for success in communication using one of 4 decision making styles